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"In the same way that every leaf and snowflake is unique – so we as human beings are unique."

The therapeutic support I offer is tailored to that individuality, working with your strengths and positive beliefs and identifying interventions and support which will help you to reach your goals. Often people come for help with a therapy of choice in mind.  


Hypnotherapy, Counselling or Mediation? - The descriptions below may help you to reach a decision and can be adapted in order to find the best way forward for you.

Hypnotherapy | Mediation | Counselling

hypnotherapy mediation counselling therapy


Requires you to discuss upsetting emotions and painful memories. In many ways it is less formal as it allows the opportunity to ‘talk out’ whatever you have on your mind in that moment.

Can ease or resolve many problems: - Anxiety and stress, fears and phobias, physical health problems, motivation/memory, sleeping difficulties, pain control and habit breaking or changing unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

Where two or more people are involved and are seeking the support of a neutral party alongside them:  I would suggest Mediation first. 

I am happy to discuss individual concerns and questions in the initial consultation meeting.

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