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myf mitchell counsellor, hypnoherapist mediator

Myfanwy has worked in many diverse settings including supporting businesses with marketing and staff development. She has worked alongside a variation of teams, empowering individuals towards their own personal goals and to be an integrated member of a working team within a defined business plan.


 In 1992 she trained as a community mediator, working for housing associations and the police, usually where breaches of tenancy required intervention. She also mediated for the local education authority seeking resolutions for schools or parents regarding their children’s entitlement to educational rights. Since being in private practice she has mediated with families and prepared notes to support cases requiring special guardianship.

Myfanwy mitchell therapist

She is a qualified psychodynamic counsellor and has extensive experience of working with those who are ‘life limited’ and their families. She has a particular interest in all of the components that contribute to pain.


Myfanwy works to utilise an individual’s creative side within her work, seeking to acknowledge all aspects of someone’s pain, being particularly interested in honouring spiritual development and personal beliefs.

Myfanwy mitchell therapy cornwall

She has worked with all age groups, from pre-school children to the elderly, having over twenty years experience providing social care support to those suffering from mental health problems. She has worked within statutory organisations managing services which provided therapeutic and educational groups to those on NHS and Social Services caseloads.


Myfanwy trained as a hypnotherapist in 2010 with Mind-field training (an accredited GHR recognised hypnotherapy trainer). She is now one of the trainers on their diploma courses.  Her interest in the human mind and defence mechanisms, alongside becoming familiar with the works of Milton Erickson: contributing to her decision to train as a Hypnotherapist.



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